"When 7 years ago, I had the chance to try a saxophone of the new Borgani series, I totally fell in love with its sonority and spontaneity in emission, two features for me so crucial when approaching a new instrument. Borgani, thanks to its winning mentality, offered me such a wide range of models, letting me choose the sax the most suitable to my needs and musical instinct. All over my long career, with 2 records entirely created in USA, I've been playing instruments of different brands, from Selmer to Yamaha, from Conn to Keilwerth. Now, Borgani is my excellent choice and, together with it, I've met such a collaborative team, never found before, so open to a mutual exchange, always involved in a constant interaction with players." Amedeo Bianchi

Amedeo Bianchi (

Nazione: Italia