"I had been playing a Tenor Conn for years, with great satisfaction. Then in 1998, I met Orfeo Borgani. I had the chance to know and try his instruments and I discovered a sonority not less rich and versatile than one my sax was giving me, plus all technical and ergonomic devices of a modern instrument.
From that moment on, my Conn was put in the case and a Borgani Pearl Silver Tenor took its place. In 1999, I've chosen to play also a Gold 24K Soprano and lately I decided on a Vintage Tenor model! That is the chance Borgani gives to the artist: offering different sonorous alloys, the player can choose his ideal instrument.
All concerts and recordings done so far, have always confirmed my choice was worth it and my saxophones caught attention and interest of many players, friends (as Joe Lovano!). Another important element is the relationship I could establish with Orfeo and his highly professional team, who with great competence and passion, are able to make players' life so vibrant!". Pietro Tonolo

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Nazione: Italia


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